Paratroopers Live Like You – In the Q!

An important aspect of living quintessentially, is that of being present.  We understand that ‘being where our feet’ are is standing (and living) on solid ground!  Allow me to validate and hopefully illustrate the immeasurable benefit that being present can provide during the most challenging of times.

Many years ago, my life was filled with great uncertainty.   In fact, the uncertainty evolved into a fearfully “gripping” state, as I questioned whether I had made the right decision to move my family to Washington for a job with more challenges than I signed up for.

“How did I get myself into this situation!?  What clouded judgement of mine led me to this? How did I become so confused?” I asked myself these questions and many more, (with huge exclamation points!) hoping to find a clue somewhere that I HAD been right all along, and that uprooting a life we LOVED for this, was no mistake.

It was during this white-knuckle panic, that a thought popped into my head.  Articulating what I remember thinking and feeling instantly is difficult.  The best I can do is describe it this way; “Mike, don’t ask if you made a mistake.  Don’t look backward.  Instead, do all you can right NOW, to make the best of the situation you’re in.”

A few moments later, somehow feeling better because of this thought, more insights came. “Imagine that today is your first day ‘on the job.’  What would you do?  Imagine an employer handing you a stack of file folders with various opportunities, and another stack filled with an assortment of challenges.  How would you handle them on this, your first day?”

That next morning I imagined paratroopers who jump out of safe airplanes into dangerous circumstances.  Their parachute might drift them into any number of troubles: a tree, a lake, an open field under enemy fire.  The moment they hit the ground, or land in the tree, their question would never be, “How in the world did I GET here!?”  Instead, their thoughts would immediately turn to doing all they could to make the very best of the difficult situation they were in.  Their complete focus would be on handling the job at hand, while never once looking regretfully or fretfully backward.

Waking up each day, and seeing it as your ‘first day on the job,’ is living in the present!  It’s half of the equation for living quintessentially!  And it’s filled with faith and confidence, courage, pluck, daring and audacity!  Remember: Today is a new day, our FIRST day on the job, an opportunity to look forward, not backward, to make the the very best of the situation we’re in, and to act like a paratrooper would – trooping in the NOW, and living in the Q!

Here’s to counting many Q moments TODAY!