"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross -there lies your vacation" - Aristotle THE 'WHO' BEHIND THE 'Q'


Mike is the author of LIVE IN THE Q – the Axiom for Work and Life. This book is an introduction on quintessentialism, and demonstrates how living in a way in which our very best emerges, and recognizing each of those moments, changes everything! His archived files include inspiring articles, educational submissions, newsletter entries, monthly mailers and a regular email update to his growing network of colleagues and friends.


Mike has been speaking to audiences of all sizes for over 16 years. He loves any opportunity he is given to speak, especially on topics he is passionate about. For several years he presented original content to K-12 students in assemblies, humorously interacting with cardboard cutouts of popular movie characters. Mike has spoken to many organizations. At one recent keynoting event, speaking on relationships and quintessentialism, an attendee said, “This was by far the very best presentation we have ever had, and I’ve been coming to these events for years.”


Mike’s talents and gifts come alive in teaching and learning settings. He graduated with a degree in education from UNLV and has made teaching his professional career; working in public education and for the past 10 years, as well as in the corporate sector with many businesses and organizations. Mike’s effectiveness as a teacher and trainer attributed significantly to sales leadership achievements among three growing educational companies.


Mike has been thinking about relationships and our human interconnectivity for years. It’s what he thinks about when he has nothing to think about. Maybe it’s the teacher in him, but he especially likes thinking about how to make difficult-to-understand concepts easier to comprehend, remember and apply to life!
Mike remembers very clearly the evening when this thinking excitingly took shape around the idea of Quintessentialism – of being our very best selves – of precisely what that means, and the vital role that relationships play in being our quintessential best. 
  • Recent Participant

    “I honestly believe that Mike’s See to Be presentation is something EVERYONE should hear at least once in their lives! And the more people that have these tools the better this world will be.”

  • Recent Participant

    “Excellent presenter! Allowed time to reflect and effectively plan ways to incorporate into daily life. Very passionate, knowledgeable, validating/celebrating of all experiences, sharing and responses. Thought provoking.”

  • Recent Participant

    “Definitely will refer to other companies. It was helpful to our personal lives and life changing!”

  • Recent Participant

    “Mike, you made these sessions very fun and engaging. Thanks so much for being real with us and flexible. It was great to know you a little bit through some of your stories! Thank you for making me be more mindful in my work and personal life.”

Mike : Where Education and Corporation Cross

16  years of training and teaching experience
90 plus organizations trained
240 plus educational workshops and engagements
3 educational companies grown by 4 million in sales revenue
2 educational companies created
1 word invented (Quintessentialism!)
1 book written (Live in the Q – The Axiom for Work and Life)
1 editor (“who can’t wait for the next project!”)
1 bride, 4 kids, 1 cat & 3 fish who aren’t impressed